Learning formats

Innovative and exciting

Knowledge and information can be conveyed in various ways. We specialised in online learning for you. In order to learn content in high quality we use different formats. The results are exciting, interactive and experience oriented trainings - with motivated learners.


Creation of web-based trainings
In web-based trainings, we convey complex contents. They vary according to your needs in terms of learning interaction and media diversity and may include a learning objective test. Usually the content is set to music.


Integration of simulations and moving image elements
To practise software, we use screencasts or interactive simulations. In addition, we offer various video formats, such as 2D and 3D animations, drawings or moderation videos. And there is the option of having your event filmed by us. You want to visualise your content as virtual & augmented reality? We are happy to help.


Classic training media
We prepare training media as presentation slides, possibly animated documents or as a quick reference in a PDF format.


Online-based learning
We also develop virtual classrooms such as webinars or knowledge databases for you.

Our services for you

  • Creation of web-based trainings
  • Integration of simulations and moving image elements
  • Classic training media
  • Online-based learning


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