Evaluation and data maintenance

Documenting and optimising

We represent further education with a certificate of high quality. Based on this standard, we recognise the critical importance of correct documentation and evaluation of all data.


Maintaining a customer-specific Learning Management System
We use professional tools for data collection, such as your Learning Management System which we continuously maintain. It covers everything from participant management and entry of learning objectives, to evaluation of efficiency control and tracking of the learning status, making it the primary source of all data.


Regular evaluation and continuous quality assurance
We support you in all processes of training management, through continuous quality assurance and regular reporting on the qualification status of your participants. Through this documentation, we ensure the success of your training procedure is measurable and comparable over longer periods of time.


Optimisation and development of new training media
The experiences and results gained from the evaluation are directly incorporated into the development of new training media. In future, training cycle documents can be used, that have been accurately matched to your target groups and their needs.

Our services for you

  • Maintenance of a customer specific Learning Management System
  • Regular evaluation and continuous quality assurance
  • Optimisation and development of new training media


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