3D Virtual 
Classroom & Conferencing

You’ve had face-to-face meetings and video conferences; now is the time to discover a completely new line of products: Welcome to the world of mst spaces and mst congress – online training and events at the next level!

For meetings worthy 
of standing ovations.

mst spaces is an avatar-based, interactive 3D learning and working environment – developed by TriCAT and aligned with the needs of our customers. Paired with mst's handling, training, production and documentation services, the award-winning software offers an out-of-the-box solution for cost-reducing training seminars and large-scale work meetings. And it does so at an unprecedented level of online interaction and engagement.


VC solutions

Virtual reality has never been 
this convincing.

Realistic, avatar-controlled software in two versions that can be combined: mst spaces for meeting, training, demonstrating, exhibiting, selling – and mst congress for large events. 
Enhanced learning through the emotional and social interaction via your own avatar 
High level of participation through a wide range of interaction options – just like in real face-to-face events 
A variety of spaces with differing sizes of flowing and open spaces for a sense of physical presence
Highly flexible tools and virtual equipment objects for a realistic impression

Why avatars?

  • For that feeling of actually being in the heart of it all.
  • Many opportunities for interaction: clapping, raising arms, waving, etc.
  • Talk without disruption from your own audio room – or with an open voice channel.
  • Beaming people to one place to recentre scattered groups.
  • Simply lots of fun.

The perfect space
for every occasion.

Training Center

  • Largest area
  • Auditorium with stands and 3 media walls
  • Meeting rooms (once 10, twice 6 standard seats; seating expandable!)

Meeting Area

  • Medium size area
  • Meeting rooms with 10 standard seats each
  • Office
  • Training room with 3 media walls

Coaching Area

  • Smallest area
  • small group room - walls colorable to create mood images. 
  • large group room - walls colorable. On the wall are basic objects available for constellations.

It is what you 
make of it.  

Interactive training using didactic and methodological tools

Virtual training centres that remove the need for expensive devices, event management and travel costs

Rapid set-up of self-learning environments, e.g., for on-boarding

3D product training courses via 'digital twins'

Hybrid training courses via live stream demos, straight from the workshop

Change management processes conveyed through playful avatar routes

If meetings are important to your business, 
be sure to meet us first. 

First impression demonstration 
Session leader qualification
Quick training participants
Single session packages basic
Single session packages medium
Single session packages full
24/7 packages monthly

Congress, conference, keynote? We can do it!  

Why hire a hall? With mst congress, you can hire the ideal interactive 3D software for staging a large-scale event for up to 500 participants. Use three giant screens to show your contents on the main stage in parallel or in staggered sequence. Prepare backstage and follow the stage show from there – or get together with interesting discussion partners in the reception area. Of course, mst congress and mst spaces can also be seamlessly combined if required.   

Big stage, 
even bigger backstage.

  • Various rooms for preparation without disruption
  • Multiple screens for final rehearsals before the main event
  • Simply watch the stage show from backstage
  • Separate reception area