We are shaping the future – quite literally. In close cooperation with our clients, we formulate training for today and tomorrow. If you want to be a part of this, why not join our team?

Employee culture
over work culture.

Are you more at home in the digital universe or the analogue world? Are you a creative regulator or a regular creative? A diligent box-ticker or a best-under-pressure performer? Whatever you are, we believe in not only employee skill, but in employee culture too. At mst, we are a diverse team of personalities. Why not take a look and see if there's the right job for you?

A great team

Topics such as the gender gap, diversity, equality and accessibility are here to stay. That's a good thing for us, as we don’t consider these a chore, but rather an opportunity to further develop our open-minded and tolerant corporate culture.
  • 98% women's quota
  • Generation X-Z
  • Coming from a variety of different sectors
  • Flat hierarchies, open and straightforward exchange at and with all levels
  • Admiration and appreciation for one another


Moving into a management position should not be a leap straight in at the deep end: Our junior staff development programme JUMP helps prepare our employees for the transition – and is one of the finest examples of our outstanding corporate culture, which underpins everything we do.
  • Tailored coaching
  • Internal & external training
  • Assignments & presentations
  • Mentoring programme
  • Social evenings

Flexible working

There has been a lot of upheaval in the changes brought about by Covid-19. But this is not a chance not to simply slip back into old habits, but rather to rethink so many things from the ground up – and to do them better. Here's what we've established based on a large-scale survey following the easing of covid restrictions:
  • Flexible arrangement of 3 days work-from-home, 2 days compulsory in office
  • Better balance of work, family and life
  • Greater autonomy for employees

as a mindset 

Our most important asset is our employees. It may sound clichéd, but it's true: social sustainability – an unwavering mindset that shapes the way we all interact with each other – is a top priority for us. Not to mention the direct positive impact it has on our client relationships.
  • Professional training and coaching for everyone
  • Bike leasing and healthy workplaces
  • Active protection of the environment
  • Rewarding social engagement
  • Activities and appreciation, such as two big parties every year, free coffee and water, overtime reductions and time off in lieu, special holidays for various occasions, suggestion box, etc
  • Electric company car, (virtually) paperless business, water dispenser, carbon footprint challenge

Our carbon (CO2) footprint challenge

Get out of the office chair and into your running shoes!
Do something for your health and protect the environment.
Let's work out together and reduce some CO2.
Everyone can join and every kilometer counts - no matter if you walk, run or if you go by bike!

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Your future 

Take a look around at some of the friendly faces you could see during your first meeting. 
Domenico Wernthaler
If there's a job to be done, there's a man to do it: Domenico. And as a poker player, he knows exactly how important it is in everyday agency life to have an ace like him up your sleeve. 

Domenico Wernthaler

Office Manager Munich
domenico.wernthaler@mst-group.euTel. +49 89 550 514 47
Natalie Hofer
Natalia is the human being turned into a self-renewing source of energy, bubbling over with ideas and zest for action until there is a solution for everything - whether for customers or colleagues. 

Natalia Hofer 

Head of department Industrial Tel. +49 (89) 215 427 821
What do you call the motorcycle-riding employee of a company who is not only multi-competent, but also a helpful entertainer in the best sense of the word? Correct: the good soul. 

Richard „Richi“ Ertl

Senior Manager Strategic Projects & Digital Tools
richard.ertl@mst-group.euTel. +49 (89) 215 427 880
Dennis Konz
There are teams that consist of well-oiled cogwheels. But sometimes one of these gears is a small Swiss clockwork that functions perfectly with an admirable calm.  

Dennis Konz 

Video Production & Streaming Specialist
dennis.konz@mst-group.euTel. +49 (89) 215 427 883 
Veronika Tropp
Veronika is the Human in Human Resources. She holds her data-protecting hand over everything and everyone - and with her left hand she promotes both the new generation and the cohesion of all employees. 

Veronika Tropp

Management Human Resources
veronika.tropp@mst-group.euTel. +49 (89) 550 514 41
Nadja Bendig
Communicative, creative, cordial, keen to travel, fitness enthusiast - what others are not even in their free time, our Nadja is on the job. No wonder she can easily juggle several projects. 

Nadja Bendig

Site management Leipzig and team management Automotive/Others
nadja.bendig@mst-group.euTel. +49 (89) 215 427 859
Eileen Günther
Did you know? If you cross international professional experience with the patience of a creative hobbyist, the result is an outstanding Eileen who can't let anything get her down. 

Eileen Günther

Site management Leipzig and team management Automotive 
eileen.guenther@mst-group.euTel. +49 (341) 392 937 68
Denise Fischer
No one at mst combines a hearty laugh and sales professionalism as skillfully as Denise. After all, as the saying goes: Smiling is the most elegant way to show your opponent your teeth. 

Denise Fischer

Manager Sales & Marketing
denise.fischer@mst-group.euTel. +49 (89) 215 427 845
Laura Ambross
Laura knows the ropes and leads the way. Because as an Excel professional, she sees things behind numbers, formulas and tables that no one else sees - and clears obstacles out of the way that no one ever finds out about.

Laura Ambros

Head of Automotive Department GER + CH 
laura.ambros@mst-group.euTel. +49 (89) 215 247 824
Barbara Schindler
If mst were a club, Barbara would probably be our bouncer. And she would probably be the warmest, but also the toughest bouncer in the world. So that only those who fit in perfectly work for us. 
Mirjam Reich
Fortunately, she doesn't travel as fast on her motorcycle as she does with her brains. Since the founding of mst, she has been speeding through figures and tables or from customer to customer. Fun fact: her photo was flashed.

Mirjam Reich

Chief Officer Training Operations (COO)
mirjam.reich@mst-group.euTel. +49 (0) 89 550 514 46
Dominique Günther
Thanks to yoga, Dominique is so at peace within herself that she can hear even the softest nuances. Very practical for a business psychologist with a keen interest in people, employees and HR.

Dominique Günther

Head of Products & Production Department (parental leave)
dominique.guenther@mst-group.euTel. +49 (89) 215 427 879
Merly Roslin
Need an honest opinion? Ask Merly! The fact that she is still so popular must be due to her always cheerful - some would say wild - manner, with which she has enriched us for over 5 years. 
Janosch Tykarski
If humor is considered a sign of intelligence, Janosch is probably the smartest guy at mst. But no joke: Whoever needs his help gets it - even if with a punchline or two. 

Janosch Tykarski

Project Manager Content
janosch.tykarski@mst-group.euTel. +49 (89) 215 427 826 
David may represent the 25 percent minority in the management quartet, but he makes up for it with plenty of international sales and marketing experience. A restless spirit of innovation - and 100 percent reinforcement.

David Ullrich

Management Sales, Marketing, Digital
david.ullrich@mst-group.euTel. +49 (0) 89 215 427 882
Stephanie Loy
The word "numbers queen" is not in the dictionary - and there are no photos there either. But if there were, there would be a photo of our lively, hearty and infectious Stephanie right next to this word.
Lena Jentsch
You'd think she'd not only read but written every textbook on modern leadership: Sharp analysis? Bold strategies? Emotional intelligence? Lena delivers it all.

Lena Jentsch

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
lena.jentsch@mst-group.euTel. +49 (0) 89 550 514 41
Judith Seelmann
Her perfectionism is highly appreciated, especially by our automotive customers. Everything is double- and triple-checked - and we are 100% sure: She would have spotted the error in the second word immediately.

Judith Seelmann

Manager Sales & Marketing
judith.seelmann@mst-group.euTel. +49 (89) 215 427 886
Maria Oppermann
Time pressure, power outages, an office on fire - none of these things could make Maria lose her cool. She needs to be calm to meticulously dig into everything new that lands on her desk. 

Maria Oppermann

Head of Products & Production Department
maria.oppermann@mst-group.euTel. +49 (89) 215 427 815
Johanna Franz
Johanna, our multilingual multitasker: Speaks English, Spanish, French, Kiswahili and - thanks to her quick, analytical grasp - is also fluent in Skoda, MAN, Renault and Bosch.

Johanna Franz

Department Management Automotive & Others
johanna.franz@mst-group.euTel. +49 (89) 550 514 38
Christine Liebrenz
Is so structured that she can unknot headphone cables blindly. And because she does every other job with the same patience, her reputation as the friendliest person on the planet precedes her. 

Christine Liebrenz

Head of Industrial Department (parental leave)
christine.liebrenz@mst-group.euTel. +49 (89) 215 427 821

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