The variety of projects 
reflects mst's great versatility. 

Managed Training Services

Since 2016, we have been managing more than 2,500 trainings per year for a leading global German automotive supplier and conglomerate as a central Learning Admin Partner - from the standard "soft skills" portfolio to high-quality executive leadership trainings. From our locations in Munich and Leipzig, and additionally with our team directly on site.

Our services

  • Training management
  • Management of planning of trainings and demand
  • Trainer management
  • Participant handling
  • Venue management
  • Master vendor for all third-party service providers
  • Document management
  • LMS administration 1st level support
  • Organizational bridgehead on site

MTS and MTS+

Since 2020, we have been acting as a full service training provider for this major German corporation - perhaps our most comprehensive and challenging mandate in terms of service breadth, service depth and also in many "pioneering tasks".

Our services

Zusätzlich zum vollen Spektrum von MTS:
  • Portfolio management, content development
  • Trainer purchasing, training delivery
  • Conception and virtualization of trainings
  • Vendor management
  • Project management (special projects)

IT portal development with system integration

In order to make the marketing of trainings outside of a newly introduced Learning Management System (LMS) more multifaceted, we conceptualize and program an external course portal for technician groups for a leading automotive supplier.

Our services

  • Concept and requirement engineering
  • Interface programming via Rest API
  • User journey and usability concept
  • Design of surface along CI
  • Basic filter logic backend for further regional rollouts
  • Integration of the merchant authentication tool (phase 1) and direct payment solutions (phase 2)

Qualification trainings for a virtual 3D learning and working platform

For a German automotive premium manufacturer, we take over the group-wide onboarding of all employees for a specially developed, avatar-based 3D virtual classroom learning and working environment.

Our services

  • Development of content, conversation guides and train-the-trainer pilot trainings for 3 internal influentials groups
  • Implementation of pilot events with presence shadowing
  • Continuous implementation of qualification trainings via our own booking portal

Professional video and webinar production

For a German automotive premium manufacturer, we manage 4 professional video studios for ongoing dealer qualification throughout Europe and handle all video shooting and live streaming from the training academy location in Munich.

Our services

  • Planning & Producing
  • Location research, check and setup
  • Support in script writing
  • Dry Run & shoot (camera, sound, direction)
  • On-camera performance support
  • Filming support
  • General organization (e.g. studio, equipment, catering)
  • Postproduction
  • Zusätzlich: mst-eigenes „Popup Videostudio“ für mobile Einsätze

fantastic brands

Implementing MTS on a large scale requires the customer's commitment to long-term cooperation in a spirit of mutual trust. The fact that many clients have shown us loyalty from the very start, seeing us as a reliable partner for the outsourcing of training, education, coaching and events is proof of one thing above all: we understand large corporations and are capable of working together with them.