mst goes overseas! 3 new locations founded in USA, MEX & CHN


Start-ups are certainly among the most exciting events in the development of companies, for many reasons.

On the one hand, they are a clear signal both internally and externally of a strong desire for change and growth in markets that offer great potential for this. On the other hand, they are also a source of opportunities for all those employees who are always looking for new challenges. And last but not least, they form the foundation for a value-based, diverse and inclusive company through the addition of new cultural perspectives, ideas and talents. In short: start-ups are obligation, motivation, opportunity at the same time. And it is precisely for these reasons that we as mst have decided to start up - in countries that we have had our sights set on for our long-term strategy for some time now.

And because we find our start-ups incredibly exciting, we've made a little clip about them called "Sometimes you really don't know what to say".

Roll the film and have fun! mst goes overseas!