Start-ups are certainly among the most exciting events in the development of companies, for many reasons.

On the one hand, they are a clear signal both internally and externally of a strong desire for change and growth in markets that offer great potential for this. On the other hand, they are also a source of opportunities for all those employees who are always looking for new challenges. And last but not least, they form the foundation for a value-based, diverse and inclusive company through the addition of new cultural perspectives, ideas and talents. In short: start-ups are obligation, motivation, opportunity at the same time. And it is precisely for these reasons that we as mst have decided to start up - in countries that we have had our sights set on for our long-term strategy for some time now.

And because we find our start-ups incredibly exciting, we've made a little clip about them called "Sometimes you really don't know what to say".

Roll the film and have fun! mst goes overseas!

Investing intensively in compliance and customer satisfaction is an ongoing process at mst, and yet there exist some milestones: certifications and the very intensive audit processes that go with them.

And so, at the beginning of the year, we are proud to announce to our customers, partners and new interested parties that we have passed both the ISO 9001:2015 recertification (quality management), which is due every 3 years, and the TISAX certification (information security), which was initiated by the VDA (Association of the German Automotive Industry) on the basis of ISO 27001, with very good results.

Certifications and compliance with measurable management, employee and equipment standards are by no means a bureaucratic monster for us. On the contrary, they are a very important part of our entrepreneurial attitude and corporate culture. Certifications make us fit for the present and future of the digital age and give us competitive advantages in several areas, such as cybersecurity, employee recruiting, new customer acquisition, and innovative capability. To sum it up: certifications are an integral part of mst's quality DNA, which motivates and drives us forward every day.

And so we have already targeted the next mst certification. Stay tuned! ... ūüôā

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the accompanying compliance agencies for their intensive, trusting and good cooperation:



Registered participants can view our mst TISAX results at:

Participant ID: mst group GmbH (PTF7H5)

Scope ID: ST6XCX

Assessment ID: AX9V5R-1

2021 is a year in which community and solidarity are more important than anything else - that's how we feel about it and that's how we want to live it in our special responsibility as a company that has learned to cope well with this Corona pandemic!

For this reason, we are once again donating our budget for customer christmas gifts this year - and this is already a tradition at mst - to organizations that help people and animals in need. We are very pleased to provide

and say "Thank you!" to all the volunteers for all their quiet, sacrificial work in the service of our society.

These donations - and in the end a correspondingly available budget for christmas presents - are only made possible by our fantastic customers and every single contact there. Our customers enable us to make a meaningful impact in their world every day and to become constantly better, faster and more efficient for the benefit of all. And at the same time, our customers remind us to be self-critical, humble and grateful in our daily work. Thank you, dear mst customers, for the great cooperation in 2021 and for all the important lessons of our partnership.

We wish you all a peaceful, certainly again thoughtful and hopefully energizing christmas season. Merry christmas and a blessed new year 2022!

We are looking forward to meet you again soon. Stay healthy!

Your mst

(representing (from left to right) David Ullrich/CSMO, Veronika Tropp/CHRO, Lena Jentsch/CEO and Mirjam Reich/COO)

Official handover of the gifts on site on December 12, 2021 with David Ullrich (mst), Alfred Holderied (Deputy Director of Nursing), Lena Jentsch (mst) and Professor Dr. med. Markus M. Lerch (Medical Director and Chairman of the Board of LMU Hospital in Großhadern). (f.l.t.r.)

mst buys appreciation gifts for Covid nursing staff in Großhadern

There are times to do the right thing!

Sure, we too briefly considered pulling off our christmas party with a 2G++ rule. After all, the anticipation was higher than ever this year! But as the drama of the 4th corona wave continued, we quickly came up with the right idea: we'll call off the party and instead buy appreciation and christmas gifts for all those who are currently trying to save Covid patients' lives to the point of total exhaustion.

We are therefore very pleased to donate our entire mst Christmas party budget to the medical and nursing staff of the Munich Covid intensive care unit at the Großhadern Clinic - and have packed a total of 240 gifts from it, as a little encouragement during this extremely stressful time.

On behalf of the mst group, Lena Jentsch/CEO and David Ullrich/CSMO would like to express our gratitude that we have such great, competent and unconditionally working doctors and nurses in Germany. A thousand times thank you! Stay healthy and continue to be so committed to all of us!

By the way: The fact that we chose the hospital in Großhadern is no coincidence! Our shareholder Katrin Strauss had learned and worked there before her time at mst, and so another circle of gratitude closes here as well.

For the first time in its history, the mst group will participate as an active exhibition partner at one of the major continuing education trade fairs. We are therefore very pleased to be able to present ourselves live on site with a competent team at the L&Dpro trade fair in the MVG Museum Munich on 30.09.2021. 

For our specially designed booth, we have chosen a targeted trade fair motto that is intended to refer to the special challenges of Corona for HR and L&D departments: "Outsourcing education creates resources". With this motto, we raise awareness of the added value of partnering, especially in training administration, and show how Managed Training Services (MTS) can be used to "free up" scarce resources in HR development for the acute topics of New Learning.

As much as we have come to appreciate the online trade shows of the last weeks and months - we are very happy to finally be able to have direct conversations with like-minded people, our customers and new prospects for our portfolio at a real trade show again and to get a lot of new inspiration.

1) mst ist Aussteller beim L&Dpro Expofestival

We are pleased to welcome the Linde Engineering Department of Linde AG as an important new customer in our support portfolio. Within the scope of a tender for Managed Training Services, we were able to score with our full core competence in this area and successfully assert ourselves as a new key supplier. 

David Ullrich, member of the management team at mst and responsible for tender acquisition: "The value match with the Linde managers from the specialist department and purchasing was a very decisive factor in our desire to work together. We are very pleased to be able to integrate such a strong brand and such a world-class innovative company into our portfolio!" 

Mirjam Reich, Managing Director Operations and responsible for managing the mandate: "Munich residents for Munich residents - the short distances between Schwabing, mst's headquarters, and Pullach, Linde's most important training location in Germany, are a great asset that we were able to bring to bear."

The start of the collaboration will begin in Q1/22.

Linde Agora Trainings Location Pullach 
Bild von

It fills us with pride to announce another location foundation on our "way to Europe": Since 01.07.2021 the mst group is now also represented in Switzerland with its own subsidiary, mst Switzerland GmbH. Currently 4 employees will support our Swiss customers from now on from the location Dielsdorf/Zurich. In addition to the headquarters in Munich, our Austrian location in Salzburg and now Dielsdorf in Switzerland, mst is thus represented in all 3 countries of the DACH region.

Lena Jentsch, CEO of mst: "Shaping further education as close as possible to the customer and together with our customers is our passion. With our new European locations, we are responding to the increased service provider requirements of our major customers for flexibility in human resources, and of course European acquisition successes. I am also very happy about the great team in Switzerland, with which we can be even better, faster, more agile, more cost-efficient and, above all, closer to the needs of our Swiss customers than before."

Debrecen in Hungary is already in the starting blocks as the next European location. The opening is planned for this year.

Innovation meets innovation - this is roughly how you could describe Linde AG's approach to holding this year's iAwards - the Group's internal innovation Oscars for top performance in a total of 9 categories - in our 3D virtual conference solution "mst congress".¬†¬†And so, for the first time, the worldwide event was held purely virtually and by means of avatars - playfully, yet close to reality and with everything that such an important event also has to offer in reality: A large stage, a host who led through the award ceremony professionally and perfectly prepared, winner photos on stage and an audience that listened intently to the varied staging and clapped enthusiastically again and again.  

We felt very honored and well qualified to produce this great event (consisting of 2 events, one each for EMEA & ASIA and for the AMERICAS region) for Linde and to have been assigned as general organizer. 

In addition to providing the "mst congress" and "mst spaces" software, we also took care of the virtual space decoration, invitation management, script writing, direction and production, host training, winner and audience introductions, and event documentation.  

We would like to thank the 300 Linde spectators and guests for their great and active participation as well as Linde officials Morgan, Kathy and Todd. We are already looking forward to the next exciting events.      

Linde iAwards 2020 in Virtual 3D Conference L√∂sung ‚Äúmst congress‚ÄĚ abgehalten

Developing new educational technologies, promoting them and making them usable for our customers is something that is particularly close to our hearts as a training service provider. David Ullrich, Head of the Digital Division at mst, has been working on the topic of "digital learning tools" for more than 15 years. In his work, he primarily pursues the approach of triggering a high level of enthusiasm in the use of any type of learning technology through good usability and the possibilities of gamification.

In the 01/2021 issue of the eLearning Journal special "Buyer's Guide and Market" on the topic of "Educational Technologies for Corporate Learning", David Ullrich presents the mst 3D Virtual Classroom solutions "mst spaces" and "mst congress" (SaaS). He sees this playful, avatar-based and very realistic software as "legitimate establishment of a completely new product category", so to speak a third format next to online and face-to-face, which will bring virtual trainings, meetings, coachings and large events to a new level of experience.

Click here for the article:

eLearning Journal

After the recent redesign of our mst group logo to a more memorable mst brand logo, we now present our new image film to the public. The logo and image film are important steps in our brand management and reflect our increased importance as a leading brand in the Managed Training Services (MTS) sector in our external appearance. 

David Ullrich, Head of Marketing at mst: "Image films are always something very special, because they have to combine many things at once: they have to contain a strong and clear subject; they have to reflect the spirit of the times as well as the DNA of the company; they have to illuminate customer added values as well as touch them emotionally. In the case of the new mst image film, the leitmotif "Beauty Shot" lent itself particularly well to the staging of our new logo. It allows us to emphasize our closeness and affinity to automotive on the one hand, and our attention to detail on the other, which allowed us to find a beautiful visual expression of quality for our meticulous work in training management." 

The new image film will be presented via the mst social business channels in the next few days and weeks.¬†We are very excited to see how our customers like it and hope for numerous reactions.