New mst image film "ready when you are" released


After the recent redesign of our mst group logo to a more memorable mst brand logo, we now present our new image film to the public. The logo and image film are important steps in our brand management and reflect our increased importance as a leading brand in the Managed Training Services (MTS) sector in our external appearance. 

David Ullrich, Head of Marketing at mst: "Image films are always something very special, because they have to combine many things at once: they have to contain a strong and clear subject; they have to reflect the spirit of the times as well as the DNA of the company; they have to illuminate customer added values as well as touch them emotionally. In the case of the new mst image film, the leitmotif "Beauty Shot" lent itself particularly well to the staging of our new logo. It allows us to emphasize our closeness and affinity to automotive on the one hand, and our attention to detail on the other, which allowed us to find a beautiful visual expression of quality for our meticulous work in training management." 

The new image film will be presented via the mst social business channels in the next few days and weeks. We are very excited to see how our customers like it and hope for numerous reactions.