Donations instead of christmas parties. Thank you corona heroes!


Official handover of the gifts on site on December 12, 2021 with David Ullrich (mst), Alfred Holderied (Deputy Director of Nursing), Lena Jentsch (mst) and Professor Dr. med. Markus M. Lerch (Medical Director and Chairman of the Board of LMU Hospital in Großhadern). (f.l.t.r.)

mst buys appreciation gifts for Covid nursing staff in Großhadern

There are times to do the right thing!

Sure, we too briefly considered pulling off our christmas party with a 2G++ rule. After all, the anticipation was higher than ever this year! But as the drama of the 4th corona wave continued, we quickly came up with the right idea: we'll call off the party and instead buy appreciation and christmas gifts for all those who are currently trying to save Covid patients' lives to the point of total exhaustion.

We are therefore very pleased to donate our entire mst Christmas party budget to the medical and nursing staff of the Munich Covid intensive care unit at the Großhadern Clinic - and have packed a total of 240 gifts from it, as a little encouragement during this extremely stressful time.

On behalf of the mst group, Lena Jentsch/CEO and David Ullrich/CSMO would like to express our gratitude that we have such great, competent and unconditionally working doctors and nurses in Germany. A thousand times thank you! Stay healthy and continue to be so committed to all of us!

By the way: The fact that we chose the hospital in Großhadern is no coincidence! Our shareholder Katrin Strauss had learned and worked there before her time at mst, and so another circle of gratitude closes here as well.