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the future.

weeks from start to
regular operation
We quickly and discreetly take over large training portfolios or even redesign them from scratch. And for portfolios of more than 500 training courses per year, we can also set up a new branch just as quickly - in almost any country in the world.
3.8 million
3.8 million
hours of training per year
and up to 3,000 participants per day: Figures that never fail to impress - especially considering our team size of around 130 employees.
We know purchasing and the related fields inside out. Whether providing ‘managed training services’ (MTS) or acting as a full-service training provider, we offer a highly flexible pricing toolkit that almost always creates significant savings - without sacrificing quality.
Close customer contact is essential to us. Which is why we often operate directly on-site, sometimes at specially established mst locations. More and more often, we operate internationally, with locations in eastern Europe, to utilise the potential of best cost countries - without having to forego the quality you expect from mst. 
training courses per year 
More and more every day! In addition to traditional face-to-face courses and online training, we now offer a third learning-experience option to meet the increasingly diverse training requirements of our customers: the avatar-based 3D Virtual Classroom.
€200 million
€200 million
training volume
Both as a provider of full-service training and MTS, we handle enormous funds for major clients every year and do so in a highly economic fashion. Furthermore, all this is secured by our own reserves plus the financial power of our parent company, EOS Partners GmbH. 

Innovative training.
Perfectly managed.

Qualified and dedicated employees who are motivated to improve their skills autonomously are the basic prerequisite for a successful company. As certified experts in 'managed training services' (MTS), professional project and media management and the production of e-learning and virtual classrooms, we ensure this prerequisite is fulfilled. We shape continued professional development, from needs assessment through to final evaluation. No matter whether it's a training course, a live online event or WBT. Be it conception, coordination, portfolio management or realisation.


Market Leader for MTS


per day

High performance on a large scale.

Conducting training courses and events for hundreds or even thousands of participants is a complex endeavour from an administrative, logistical and organisational perspective. Even major corporations cannot manage this task as efficiently as mst, an experienced, highly specialised service provider.

Our peak performance
for your peak performance.

mst provides flexible, high-quality solutions that can be adjusted to any training requirement – regardless of whether you are looking to outsource an initial standard portfolio or you are in need of a master vendor or general service provider to take over internal and external training (e.g., for retailers). 


Our classic, so to speak: Managed Training Services – everything you need for complex training administration and event organisation.


MTS with the additional option of frontend services, such as learning analytics, portfolio management or training delivery.  


This includes not only web-based training (WBT), but all forms and formats of digital or online-based learning.

Feel like you’re in the room with virtual meetings. 

Discover a whole new type of learning experience with mst spaces and mst congress. Our interactive, avatar-based world of training and meetings not only creates a high fun factor (from simple meetings to large conferences), but also facilitates exceptional learning achievements. 

Control your own 3D avatar in 3D meetings.

Intuitively navigate your personalised avatar through realistic scenarios, interact with colleagues and participate in meetings using rooms containing a media wall, interactive whiteboard, 3D Viewer, 3D Primitives and many other interactive elements. 


virtual classroom

Sometimes it has to be the big stage. 

Keynotes, product launches, Christmas parties, exhibition appearances, award shows - there are many reasons to book mst congress - providing space for up to 500 people or avatars. Of course, this includes special adjoining rooms offering space for extensive preparation or discussions. 

fantastic brands

Implementing MTS on a large scale requires the customer's commitment to long-term cooperation in a spirit of mutual trust. The fact that many clients have shown us loyalty from the very start, seeing us as a reliable partner for the outsourcing of training, education, coaching and events is proof of one thing above all: we understand large corporations and are capable of working together with them. 

See the proof:
Our training makes a difference.

Every business is unique and requires a different approach - so our services and projects are tailor-made to suit the specific needs of our clients.

Customer testimonies

  • Marc Oberhäusser

    Robert Bosch GmbH   

    Portfolio Management Competence Field
    The mst knows training management inside and out, and is full of pragmatic and innovative ideas to make our training processes better and better. This makes them a very important sparring partner and valuable service provider at eye level.
  • Roland Berner  

    moveon Unternehmensentwicklung GmbH  

    Managing Partner
    The long-standing collaboration with mst is borne by a personal and collegial style. The joint projects are very inspiring - both humanly and professionally. It is always an enrichment for me to exchange ideas with the motivated employees of mst.
  • Dr. Martin Kärner

    Siemens AG

    Learning Ecosystem Governance, 
    Global Learning World  
    We have been working successfully and in partnership with the mst Group since 2016 and are very satisfied. I would particularly like to emphasize the high level of service and customer orientation at all levels, as well as the willingness to live the process of the customer. They are great people who maintain a fresh, uncomplicated and solution-oriented interaction with each other and with us.
  • Sebastian Rothbart

    BMW Group  

    Teamleiter Learning Strategy, 
    Program Management 
    mst makes an essential contribution to our business; be it that we get our training content to the market in the languages we need or that we have been able to hold virtual events in Corona times thanks to the video & webinar services of mst.

on the executive board

What is still unimaginable for the majority of companies has long since been a reality for us. And best of all, it is down to skill alone. 
Lena Jentsch
You might easily think she has not only read but written every textbook on modern leadership: Razor-sharp analyses, bold strategies, dynamic thinking, emotional intelligence, clear communication - and as you would also expect: the highest of standards.
Lena Jentsch
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
lena.jentsch@mst-group.euTel. +49 (0) 89 550 514 41
If Mirjam rode her motorbike as fast as she uses her head, she’d probably lose her licence. Luckily for us, there's no speed limit at mst: ever since the mst Group was founded, she's been racing through rows of numbers and tables at full throttle. 
Mirjam Reich
Chief Officer Training Operations (COO) 
mirjam.reich@mst-group.euTel. +49 (0) 89 550 514 46
Veronika Tropp
Veronika has her data-protection hat on at all times: From day one, she has been the heart and soul of the mst Group, putting the ‘human’ in Human Resources. And she effortlessly nurtures our in-house junior staff, while also enhancing the cohesion of the entire mst staff.
Veronika Tropp
Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)
veronika.tropp@mst-group.euTel. +49 (0) 89 550 514 41
David may represent the 25% minority, yet he makes up for it all with experience: His years of working for a DAX company, international sales and marketing expertise, an extensive tech network and his insatiable appetite for innovation make him an indispensable asset. 
David Ullrich
Chief Officer Sales, Marketing, Digital (CSMO)
david.ullrich@mst-group.euTel. +49 (0) 89 215 427 882
team players

There’s no such thing as too many good people.
That goes for us, too.

At mst, you will be part of a committed and highly dedicated team that is devoted to one goal above all: preparing our clients' employees for their upcoming tasks.